Steam Trains

The steam locomotive speed record holder, the A4 Pacific Class
Mallard’s kingfisher blue, outer streamlining so fine,
the pleasing symmetry of the train and coal tender’s 4-6-2
silver spoke wheels, circular metal harmony in a line.

A Holden B12 locomotive patiently waits at horizontal red and
white track signals, sturdy and workmanlike in glossy black,
the distinctive sound of a train’s musical steam whistle carried on
light transient wind, travels a mile down the curving track.

  The neat columns of small black print advertising trains’ arrivals
 and departures of the vintage yellowing Victorian timetable,
patiently waiting on the platform, an old fashioned brown leather
suitcase has a handwritten cursive luggage address label.

An echoing bass rumble emanates from the linear brick platform
and ground as the hissing engine slowly draws alongside,
using flanged cone-shaped wheels on uniquely shaped linear
narrow steel rails as it’s faithful ever present metal guide.

Large glamorous Art Deco railway posters advertise national
holiday locations, printed in colours vibrant and bold,
a soot black chimney discharges billowing clouds of white grey
  smoke which follows the train on a day frosty and cold.

Encased in a trackside’s emerald green and cream multi-paned
signal box, long metal levers tipped with highly polished brass,
the elegant striped coffee brown and rich cream livery of
luxurious vintage Pullman carriages, pure decadence class.

Ornamental yet functional, a carriage’s silver luggage racks
protrude above sumptuous sprung cherry red velour seats,
meticulously restored Gresley vintage Quad Art carriages, the 
M and GN design practical, elegant and neat.

The graceful artistry and architectural uniformity of soaring
shadowed brick viaduct arches, crossing a concave river valley,
the metallic double clunk of the electric ruby red and black Tyler 
Tablet System issuing the single track token key.

The decorative criss cross diamond design above the curving
engineered support arch of a Victorian wrought iron road bridge,
a weathered ‘STOP’ sign among a luxurious carpet of purple and
pink flowering heather on a windswept moorland ridge.

Standing on a footbridge, overlooking a locomotive in steam on a
preserved line with panoramic views of tracks, fields and sea,
on a day with bright sunshine, azure blue skies and the evocative
smell of sooty coal smoke, the perfect place to be.

A poem can be an unique gift for a birthday, Christmas, an anniversary, retirement or thank you for a loved one or friend.
My poetry is written to be uplifting and evocative, reminding the reader or listeners of the joys of steam trains.
My poems have been very well received by readers of all ages and backgrounds. 


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