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My poetry is written to be uplifting and evocative, reminding the reader or listeners of the joys of Scotland.
My poems have been very well received by readers of all ages and backgrounds. 

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St Kilda’s rocky island outcrop hosts numerable underground
nesting burrows, where a summer colony of puffins are based,
The Highland’s aged oak barrels of iconic distilled aged amber
whiskey, smooth warning nectar to the taste.

The world renown monumental hexagonal volcanic obsidian
basalt columns of the outlying island of Fingal’s Cave,
atop towering deeply shadowed eroded rock sea arches,
carved and sculpted by tempestuous wind and wave.

A transient light summer breeze carries the plaintive calls
 of distant sheep grazing high on a windswept upland moor,
the Glenfinnan Viaduct, a Victorian curving railway viaduct with

symmetrical elevated arches rising high above a valley floor.

The sweeping white curves of a stylish bridge connecting new 
to old, Skye’s modern architectural mainland link,
the dark silhouettes of distant snow tipped mountain peaks, 
highlighted with twilight brush-stokes of vibrant pink.

Glittering wet obsidian rocks governed by the tide’s daily 
rhythm, embellished with green and red dulse seaweed,
an industrious sea otter shakes crystal droplets of water 
 from his sleek brown coat then settles down to feed.

In Glen Forsa, an isolated traditional bothy with a thatched
roof bleached white by mercurial Scottish weather,
the decorative speckled head with red waffles of a native 
grouse appears above hibernating brown winter heather.

An ephemeral artist’s palette rainbow accentuates Eilean 
Donan castle as it alights briefly on an outlying piece of land,
against an imposing scenic backdrop of magisterial austere 
mountains, the remote scene breathtakingly grand.

Ebony still water reflects a reverse mirror image of copper 
 tinted conifers created by a cirrocumulus mackerel sky,
the lower green moss covered rocks of the Glencoe 
Mountains softened, where low lying nebulous mist lies.

Striking woodland autumnal leaves of green, burnished copper 
and amber are fleetingly painted by a radiant setting sun,
across windswept Muick Glen with exposed grass hillocks, 
a brown hare speckled with winter white swiftly runs.

Carefully placed in a concentric circle overlooking Harray  
Loch, grey sentinel standing stones tell of times past,
surrounded by beautiful scenery with constantly changing skies 
and weather, you never tire of this glorious landscape so vast.