In a stiff southerly breeze, maintaining the boats momentum  
and balance by using a harness to lean over the side,
 bright morning sunlight paints glittering silver diamonds 
on the rippled water’s surface as over it, the boat glides.

Approaching a coloured marker buoy, the empty wind-less 
sail momentarily flapping, after taking a homeward turn,
the boat’s weight causing a displacement of the water 
creating an expanding rippled V to follow from the stern.

The mood of the restless sea is always changing, stormy grey
   with white tipped waves through to calm cerulean blue,
a mirror image of the clear summer sky is shown as it briefly
illuminates as transient clouds and sun pass through.

The distinctive rhythmical metallic melody of wind blown 
metal rigging clinking against hollow aluminium masts,
on inland water, a bygone teak coloured wooden sailing yacht 

sails by on calm water, an elegant design from the past.

In a pleasant summer breeze enjoying the unique silence 
  of sailing, hearing the whistle of wind and water flowing by,
flocks of Black-headed gulls circling in warm air thermals 
survey glittering water far below, effortlessly gliding high.

A beautiful day with brisk wind at Cowes Sailing Regatta
hosts a profusion of dinghies’ brightly coloured sails,
foaming white horses ride the tall breaking crests of volatile
rolling waves during tempestuous northerly winter gales.

Tacking to catch the itinerant wind as it changes direction, 
swinging the boom and sail from port to starboard,
a silent autumnal coastal marina softened by dawn’s
floating white mist, orderly rows of resting boats moored.

 The soothing lullaby of tranquil water rocking gently against 
the boat’s undulating hull in the obsidian velvet of night,
in centuries past, navigation was guided by a sextant using 
the sun’s position, the constellations and overhead starlight.

The sheer exhilaration as light wind freshens, filling slack 
sails with it’s energy, escalating the boat’s natural speed,
the thrilling sight of a sleek modern catamaran sailing up 
 on plane, hoping previous competition speeds to supersede.

Grey nimbus clouds emitting forked lightning appear on the 
distant darkening skyline causing the wind speed to rise,
an unexpected summer storm requires quick reefing of the 
main and fore sail, carefully fastening the knots and ties.

With the wind and sun on your face, the freedom and serenity 
of sailing on sheltered inland water or exposed sea,
whenever I see a sailboat in the ever-changing weather, light 
and tides,  you are always close surrounding me.

A poem can express innermost emotions after the loss of a loved one or friend.
My poetry is written to be gently uplifting and evocative, reminding the reader or listeners of the loved one or friend’s love of sailing.
My poems have been very well received at both church and crematorium services, by funeral directors and celebrants, and add a very personal accolade.


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