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A personalised poem can be an unique gift for a birthday, Christmas, an anniversary, retirement or thank you for a loved one or friend.
My poetry is written to be gently uplifting and evocative reminding the reader or listeners of the joys of nature that surrounds us every day.
My poems have been very well received by readers of all ages and backgrounds.

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Nature’s intricately crafted art work of a miniature wren’s nest, 
slender twigs and moss woven just so,
a rising full harvest moon silhouetted against the shadowed 
twilight horizon with a dusty surreal orange glow.

The pellucid clarity of a hovering skylark’s pure solo, an undulating 
 concerto emanating from distant sky,
the accomplished aerial acrobatics of diminutive monochrome 
swallows, summer visitors soaring high.

The mesmerising beauty of a white and fawn speckled barn owl 
gliding along a field verge, as though in silent flight,
diaphanous mist lightly resting above low lying water meadows
 at dawn, an ethereal autumnal sight.

The imposing spume of white horses riding the breaking crests of 
volatile grey waves in a tumultuous winter’s storm,
a transient light southerly summer breeze creates diagonal flowing 
liquid gold ripples on a rolling field of ripening corn.

The impenetrable canopy of a clear frosty black velvet night, 
innumerable star constellations glittering bright,
following the golden orb’s gradual descent into the linear horizon, 
colour-washed with candescent white gold twilight.

Rich evergreen holly’s cardinal red berries displayed on a mantlepiece
above a warming fire, on a festive family Christmas day,
a multitude of wild flowers in subtle and bright colours embroider
the muted green flowering grass in a tall field of hay.

The ephemeral evanescent arch of a prismatic artist’s palette rainbow
 briefly colours brooding clouds of slate grey,
frost tinted burnished amber and copper slumbering leaves painted by
 a late afternoon tapering shaft of radiant sun’s rays.

Appearing overnight in quiet undisturbed woodland, a crimson and white 
spotted toadstool with a fluted skirt of delicate white frills,
transitory sun and cloud create fluid light and shade dancing
across sculpted windswept purple heather covered hills.

Perched in nearby trees, the adjacent and distant calls of a family of 
tawny owls in the indigo velvet silence of night,
familiar landscape transformed by an overnight dusting of flawless 
snow, creating luminous clarity of light.

Each day nature bestows an abundance of beauty, the cold frost of 
winter, woodland bluebells and unfurling leaves in spring,
taking a moment to listen and look around instils a feeling of peace and 
belonging, that only observing nature can bring.