Horse funral poem for crematorium and church services 
A 10 verse poem is available at the foot of the page.

A poem can express innermost emotions after the loss of a loved one or friend.
My poetry is written to be gently uplifting and evocative, reminding the reader or listeners of the loved one or friend’s love of horses.
My poems have been very well received at both church and crematorium services, by funeral directors and celebrants, and add a very personal accolade.


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The pure exhilaration of a windswept gallop along the 
 polished smooth wet sand of a deserted winter beach,
solitary shadowed sandy hoof prints following, only the
white tipped waves of high tide will reach.

The timed discipline of showjumping, both indoors and out, 
requires speed and accuracy from both the rider and horse,
working as a team to navigate the tight twists, turns and 
obstacles of the cleverly designed challenging course.

Upon completion of a long distance ride in a conifer forest, on 
a cushion of pine needles, on a beautiful summer’s day,
removing the saddle and numnah before vetting, both horse and 
rider enjoying the feel of the refreshing cool water spray.

The motion of a calling hidden pheasant causes a startles shy, 
when beside you it suddenly decides to take evasive flight,
an enjoyable morning ride in the tranquil stillness of dawn,
  bathed in the gentle awakening rays of golden sunlight.

Fingers and toes numb from holding leather reins and placed 
in stirrup irons, hacking on a cold winter’s day,
the rhythmical sound of a relaxed horse bedded down for 
the night, eating a net of sweet summer hay.

Effortlessly loping across the undulating golden stubble of 
a harvested wheat field, a solitary brown hare,
the timeless sight of a long legged newborn foal upon first 
   standing being lovingly tended by maternal brood mare.

The elegance and collected power in elevated trot displayed 
   by the trained classical two beat movement of Passage,
the attention to minute detail, in elegant black top hat and 
long coat tails, that is the essence of dressage.

The rewarding simple pleasure of watching a loose horse 
roll and play with flowing mane and tail hair,
speed, agility and strength combine with joy and beauty,  
breathing white cloudy plumes in the frosty morning air.

Rugged, booted and gleaming, the mane neatly plaited with 
black thread, ready to travel to a local show,
after an early start and long day competing in different 
classes, coming home with a ribbon rosette glow.

The natural beauty of the horse, whether a Thelwell, Shire, 
 Arab or donkey, it’s inherent spirit and grace,
the love of all horses is within even as a young child, always in 
the heart, it has a special place.