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A 10 verse poem is available at the foot of the page.

A poem can express innermost emotions after the loss of a loved one or friend.
My poetry is written to be gently uplifting and evocative, reminding the reader or listeners of the loved one or friend’s joy of birdwatching as a professional, hobby or watching the birds in the garden.
My poems have been very well received at both church and crematorium services, adding a very personal accolade.

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Twice daily flocks of wading redshanks, godwits and sandpipers 
patiently wait for the tidal water to recede,
the ebbing water reveals pristine mud filled with snails and 
crustaceans allowing a variety of birds to feed.

A fluid cloud murmuration of starlings, an avian ethereal 
performance at deepening twilight,
safety in numbers, seeking a warm sheltered roost for the 
approaching cool ebony velvet night.

The distinctive elongated neck flight position of Bewick swans
arriving after flying long distances west,
against a billowing stormy grey sky, a sunlit flowing white cape
of knots leave their shoreline rest.

The call of monochrome oystercatchers as they fly overhead at
 sunrise out to the nearby coast,
the inquisitive dark liquid stare of an observant barn owl
perched on a weathered fence post.

A flock of calling and squeaking Brent geese leave overnight
roosts as one to feed at first light,
the muted rhythmical whisper of their wing feathers beating
overhead silently conveys their flight.

The black and white avocet, an elegant avian society emblem, 
feeding in a brackish coastal lagoon,
on a shadowed marsh the obsidian silhouettes of resting
geese are outlined by the silver full moon.

 Smooth water embellished with ascending concentric ripples 
created by singular droplets of rain,
the lonely call of the speckled curlew flying just overhead along
   a rippled deserted beach plain.

The undulating melody of a skylark’s solo emanates from
blue sky, the song distant but crystal clear,
watching foraging sandpipers with distinguishing elongated
beaks in a tidal pond at Minsmere.

The accomplished flight of migratory swallows diligently 
skimming low ground after innumerable flies,
the progressive crescendo of sunlight and song as birds and
 wildlife awaken shortly before sunrise.

Feeling the wind and sun, appreciating the serenity of
birdwatching, an interest you loved so dear,
whenever I hear winter geese overhead, or a robin’s eloquent
melody, this brings you ever closer, brings you ever near.