The smooth mirrored surface of the flowing water ripples with
a series of expanding concentric liquid silver O’s,
caused  by a fish attempting to catch flies on the sunlit
surface then diving into dark still water below.

The elegant arching of the rod and the clean whipping sound
of the slender line as it soars past overhead,
before gracefully landing and being carried in the gently
flowing currents of the wide shallow river bed.

Motionless on a fishing perch over a stream’s transient water, a
 kingfisher’s fleeting iridescence in characteristic pose,
focused, watching crystalline water flowing over coloured 
cobbles for the glint of darting silver minnows.

The distinctive whirring sound of the reel’s circular spool 
discharging, casting into turbulent pewter grey sea,
 standing in slowly receding wave shallows, the ebb and flow
of the tidal water dictating where to be.

The slope, shape and depth of the immediate beach offshore, 
whether shallow water or faster flowing deep,
 the choice of hook and line guided by experience and knowledge 
of which fish prefer feeding on a flat shelf or steep.

Strong northerly winds with the icy metallic scent of forthcoming 
snow blow undisturbed across a deserted beach,
the only other inhabitants, monochrome oystercatchers call 
as they fly overhead, seemingly just out of reach.

After winter’s restful slumber in the lengthening days of spring, 
the art of fly fishing comes to the fore,
all too soon the transitory summer season cools and becomes
 autumn, leaving you wanting more.

Fly fishing a crystal clear fast flowing stream wearing tall olive 
    green waders and muted patterned tweeds,
 an intimate knowledge of the fish, weather, local area and fly 
fishing expertise are required if you are to succeed.

A khaki seat tackle box contains an assortment of hooks, 
swivels, multicoloured fishing beads and bait,
on a calm day with nebulous smoke white mist lightly resting 
on the water, the tranquil scene captivates.

Feeling the wind and sun, the serenity of salt and freshwater 
 fishing, an interest you loved so dear,
whenever I see a person fishing, whether river, lake or sea,
  this brings you ever closer, brings you ever near.

A poem can express innermost emotions after the loss of a loved one or friend.
My poetry is written to be gently uplifting and evocative, reminding the reader or listeners of the loved one or friend’s joy of fishing as a professional or hobby.
My poems have been very well received at both church and crematorium services, by funeral directors and add a very personal accolade.

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