In an icy cold wind, individual grains of crystalline yellow 
sand roll along a deserted winter beach,
solitary foot and paw prints following, only the furthest 
white tipped waves of high tide will reach.

 Jumping over breakwaters and chasing a ball along wet sand,
 barking at overhead gulls soaring high,
lit by  a dawn’s sun’s ascent above the ebony lined horizon 
and  a backdrop of golden colour-washed sky.

A late evening walk along a city’s smooth undulating pavement 
 lit by a curving line of radiant streetlights,
under an ebony velvet canopy filled with the glittering star
    constellations of a clear frosty winter’s night.

Walking past a blackthorn hedge, the rich perfume of wild 
 yellow honeysuckle floats on tranquil evening air,
stretched out in front of a warming coal fire, paws twitching
in deep sleep, that moment without a care.

The slumbering garden transformed with ephemeral pristine 
snow, soon a map of excited canine prints,
the camouflaged landscape’s night time silver luminescence, 
under a clear full moon’s candescent tint.

Climbing up a well worn sandy path to the crest of a steep 
hill, the reward a wide panoramic view,
then resting on a towering sunlit clifftop, beneath a cloudless
 summer sky of purest cornflower blue.

An afternoon walk under a stormy rain-laden sky shortly 
before dusk on a cold November day,
diffused white gold rays momentarily shine through heavy 
 layered storm clouds, lightening the slate grey.

Laying in meadow grass embroidered with wild flowers 
watching choreographed swallows flying at height,
hearing bumble bees going from flower to flower collecting 

sweet nectar’s dust in seemingly random flight.

Encircled by a carpet of flowering bluebells’ colour and 
delicate fragrance on a springtime woodland walk,
 wide wooden steps surrounded by tall whispering Marram 
sea  grass lead to a striped sand-dusted boardwalk.

Finding a spiky green husk nestled among a marbled leaf 
 carpet encasing a conker’s deep polished brown,
a dog has an innate joy of life, recognised for it’s intelligence, 
  loyalty and the friendship for which it is renowned.

A poem can express innermost emotions after the loss of a loved one or friend.
My poetry is written to be gently uplifting and evocative, reminding the reader or listeners of the loved one or friend’s love of dogs.
My poems have been very well received at both church and crematorium services, by funeral directors and add a very personal accolade.

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