About Me

I have lived in North Norfolk all my life, but I grew up in Overstrand. The area between Sheringham and Mundesley is known as “Poppy Land’, named by Clement Scott, a poet and theatre critic in the 19th Century.
I have always been interested in nature and an animal lover but it is only recently that I have started writing poetry.
I now live just outside a village near Holt and share our home with a Border Collie, 3 cats, a horse and 4 chickens plus the garden wildlife.

When writing a poem, I firstly note what is happening in the local area, the time of year, wildlife, flowers, birds and weather. I then thoroughly research the area I wish to write about, and scroll through 100’s of photos. Using memories and my experiences of the area/subject, I write the first draft. I then refine the words and flow, and generally try to improve the poem. 

If there is a place/subject, you would like to have made into a poem, please contact me and I’ll try to help. I can also shorten or lengthen poems to suit personal preference.