A Dear Dad / and Grandad (60 – 80 years)

Heading off to primary school then onto secondary or grammar,
 at break time enjoying playing football with the other lads,
a father is first a little boy, child, teenager and then a young 
adult learning about life, long before becoming a dad.

Walking past a line of Triumph motorbikes, the riders wearing 
black leather jackets and Levi jeans in front of a rock cafe,
smartly dressed Mods on scooters decorated with multiple
chrome mirrors listen to a rhythm and blues band play.

Elvis and rock and roll was followed by the contemporary
pop sound of the Beatles, also known as The Fab Four,
listening on a Sunday evening to Radio One’s Top 20 on a
pocket sized silver transistor radio, wishing there was more.

Watching World Cup football on the new television, the  
teams’ players in black and white on a screen of silver grey,
using a tape recorder to save your favourite songs then 
enjoying meeting up with friends and listening to them play.

Driving your first car, a light sky blue Ford Anglia looking 
wishfully at the sleek sporty lines of a black and cream Capri,
going to a pop, blues and folk festival with a hippy crowd in 
colourful Flower Power clothes, as far as the eye can see.

As a small child you taught me to how tie my laces, picked 
me up and gently hugged me when I tripped and fell down,
answered hundreds of questions with patient answers and 
 sunshine in your smile, only very rarely the slightest frown.

The special paternal all encompassing love built on a lifetime 
of giving and caring, which we/I have all been blessed to share,
we/I are honoured to have such a wonderful much loved 
dad and grandad, for whom we/I deeply care.

Happy Birthday Dad   love from Matt

(This poem can be altered to just dad and also from we to I. Please let me know what you would like and I shall adjust the poem for you.)

A poem can be a thoughtful very personal gift for a birthday, Father’s Day and Christmas.
My poetry is written to be uplifting and evocative, reminding the reader or listeners of how much we care about our dad and grandad, and appreciate all that he has done for us. 
My poems have been very well received by readers of all ages and backgrounds. 

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